Grace | Contamination | October 2008

'Contamination' was the first of two services exploring how humanity has attempted to keep itself separated from 'spiritual impurity', and how Jesus turned such concepts on their head. Photo Jonny Baker

grace - contamination 1 from steve collins on Vimeo.
Greeters in gas masks assess the purity of visitors

grace - contamination 2 from steve collins on Vimeo.
The first section explores some of the issues in history and religion [first clip is from 'protect and survive'], and then we head into the church [donning surgical masks]

grace - contamination 3 from steve collins on Vimeo.
After the Doctor Who clip [from 'The Empty Child'] we play 'purity pairs', which shows that biblical ideas on clean and unclean were not static

grace - contamination 4 from steve collins on Vimeo.
The service moves to its climax with the torn curtain and the taking off of our own righteousness

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