Grace | Elijah in the Desert | March 2008

grace - elijah in the desert section 1 from steve collins on Vimeo.

This service followed Elijah's desert journey in 1 Kings 19. Section 1 "Elijah was afraid and ran for his life": There is no formal start to the service. As people arrive, triathlete Jenny Baker is riding a bicycle on a turbo trainer in the centre of the worship space. The text on the screens scrolls through such questions as "When do you run? What causes you to panic?..."

Section 2 "I have had enough, take my life": Jenny stops cycling and colapses. The congregation discuss questions in groups - have you ever felt exhausted? Where was God? Have you ever just given up, or wanted to give up? Have you ever collapsed after running? Is it time you did?

Photo Richard Baker

grace - elijah in the desert section 2 from steve collins on Vimeo.

Section 3 "Get up and eat": The congregation are invited to go into the cafe, eat and drink and relax for half an hour. Roly Miller DJs while lying on a beanbag.

Sections 4 "I am the only one left", 5 "The Lord is about to pass by", and 6 "Go back the way you came" not recorded.

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