Grace | Godly Play | May 2005

Members of alternative worship group 'L8r' led us in 'Godly Play'. This is a technique of Bible study developed for young children, which has also proved popular with adults. Stories from the Bible are told and enacted with sets of objects. Each story has its own boxed set. This is the story of the treasure in the field [Matthew 13:44]. In another part of the church a second group explored a different story.

The enactment includes all the objects and actions necessary for the story, whether mentioned in the Bible narrative or not. The spoken story sticks to the words of the Bible, and the necessary supporting parts are played out in silence. The enclosures represent both fields that heve to be searched through, and buildings such as the merchant's house. The set includes the possessions he had to sell to get the field containing the treasure.

Wondering: The storyteller asks a series of questions "I wonder what/ how/ where/ who/ why..." about aspects of the story, and encourages the listeners to wonder out loud as well. No definitive answers are given, the idea is to discuss and work through what has touched us in the story.

After 'wondering' comes a time of creative response, using art materials provided.

Kevin Draper [with the mic] takes questions about Godly Play afterwards.

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