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Grace | Homecoming | 09-1999

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The entire service was based on Henri Nouwen's book about Rembrandt's painting 'The Return of the Prodigal'. We had obtained a set of slides showing details of the painting - hands, feet, faces - and created a station for each one, examining different aspects of the story.

In the centre, the whole painting; on the left, the older brother; on the right, the younger brother.

In the foreground, the station about the younger brother (the Prodigal). This is the original version of the 'true north' station with map, compasses and magnets that became station 5 'Distractions' of the St Paul's Labyrinth. In the background, a station about the calloused feet of the Prodigal.

Looking back to the entrance. The avenue of candles in the dark church was a usual feature of Grace before the church was restored.

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