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Grace | Breaking the ice | Greenbelt 2001

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The desert experience, both positive and negative, hot and cold. This was based on the 'Desert' service.

People write prayers in the sand. The block of ice melts slowly.

We first did the block of ice as a station at a Jubilee 2000 service in 1999. People lit candles underneath to melt the ice. It looked stunning but we forgot to photograph it. So we did it again at Greenbelt, just to get photos, but people read all sorts of profound meanings into it!

Write your own psalm of exile, based around Psalm 137.

'Solitude'. The modern urban desert experience, listening to the car stereo while stuck in traffic, here reproduced with CD Walkmans and video footage. The footage is a trip to Ikea at Wembley along the North Circular.

The music was a compilation by Grace called 'Traffic Island Discs' (a play on long-running British radio show 'Desert Island Discs').


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