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Grace | Minor prophets | 02-2005

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Under the gallery of St. Mary's are the sculpted figures of the 12 'minor prophets'. For this Grace people took one of the prophets, read their book, and presented what they thought were the key messages and themes of the book, as a station underneath the figure.

For instance, here are the stations for Amos and Hosea under their sculptures.

This was a good way to get Grace to read and analyse parts of the Bible that are not often studied or commented on in church.

Zachariah - this minor prophet was done by guest Steve Case who lives in Orlando, Florida. If you condensed the book into a sentence it could be 'you come back to me and I'll come back to you'. Write your sins/baggage and shred it...

Zephaniah is like a book within a book. Moya had painstakingly carved a space in the Bible to stick another one inside...


Jonah - camouflage netting and exerpts from Joe Sacco's graphic novels about the Iraq war... what is vengeance all about?


Malachi - the only gun to appear in Grace.



Malachi - An original painting by Ben Holme of the sun rising with healing in its wings.


Haggai. A reversal of the famous passage about living in panelled houses while God's house is in ruin... how can we worship in wonderful buildings whilst there is so much poverty? A chance to sign up for the Make Poverty History campaign...





Habbakuk - the complaining prophet... add your complaints about the running of the universe on a form to God

Joel - listen to music and reflect on your dreams and visions.


Amos - Listen to a track telling of a visit to Tekoa today where the message of Amos seems as relevant as ever. The piece of rubble is from a Palestinian house in the Occupied Territories demolished by the Israeli army.


Hosea - space to reflect on God's love - tied in with Valentine's Day.


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