Grace | Ten | November 2003 | The installations & memorabilia

The 'Moments of grace' installations were set up around the church, for people to play with outside the short main liturgy. Above is 'Generous grace'.

At last, a shot of the 'Brownie points' installation with children's faces in the holes.

'Hidden grace' with the coloured glasses.

'The mystery of grace' proved unphotographable at Greenbelt, at least until I had a digital camera. The line of LED lights on the left is programmed with the Grace logo - but this is only visible, seeming to float in the air, when you move your head [next photo]!

The retinas of your eyes retain the image of what you see for a short while - a phenomenon called 'persistence of vision'. The LED line cycles through the vertical lines of the Grace logo. By moving your head at the right speed you spread the lines out across the retina - and persistence of vision means they stay there long enough for you to see the complete image. Moving the camera at the right speed does the same thing across the film [or CCD in a digital camera] as above.

Adam also created the Grace logo from blue LEDs in a plastic 'string' threaded through card.

There was a 'Grace tat' corner filled with memorabilia from ten years of Grace - publicity materials, significant records [Grace's and other peoples], t-shirts, items from services, secular magazines which had mentioned Grace, etc.

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