Grace | Ten | November 2003 | The service and after

At 8pm there was a short informal service. For the first 20 minutes people were invited to play with the 'Moments of grace' installations.

Steve Lawson played his distinctive ambient bass guitar with loops and sound effects as background for this part.

Then a number of people associated with the beginning of Grace spoke - Mike Rose and Mike Starkey who started it, Jo Valpy [above] who was in the original team, and Dave Tomlinson who was guest speaker at the first service.

Holy Communion, using an adapted version of our Greenbelt 1999 Eucharist liturgy. After this the Bishop of Willesden led prayers and a blessing.

Jenny Baker's extraordinary Grace logo birthday cake, washed down with champagne.

Yrekcirtcele provided background music and visuals to the cake and champagne.

Then we went outside for fireworks. And Moya made a Grace logo out of sparklers.

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