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Ikon | Eloi eloi lama sabachthani | Greenbelt 2004

A service for Easter Saturday - after the death of Christ but before the resurrection. For the followers of Christ there is on this day no resurrection hope, no possibility of a happy ending, and Ikon ask: if there were no resurrection, would you still become a Christian? Do you follow him for his own sake, or because you get something out of it?

"It's not that religious people feel the presence of God while non-religious people feel the absence of God. Religious people feel the absence of God while non-religious people feel nothing." "We need a doctrine of the Real Absence."

"The gospel is bad news before it is good news." In the background all through the service someone scrapes at a black painting to uncover white paper.

On Easter Saturday all the candles are extinguished, except the candle of prophecy. "This is the candle Nietzsche cannot have." As a concluding ritual we light a match in this candle, then extinguish it...

...and place it in a bag to take away. The flame is extinguished, but we still have the dead match.

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