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Ikon | Sins of the Father | Greenbelt 2005

'Sins of the Father' is about our anger with God, who denies and frustrates us, allows bad things to happen, does not answer our prayers. Above, Padraig o'Tuoma sings 'Yearn' from the Ikon CD 'Dubh': "I wonder if all my longings they could shape me out a ship of hopes to carry me on these seas of homeward journeying... I yearn for home to come gather me".

We are given pieces of paper and asked to write our accusations against God.

An artist silently paints black onto white canvases throughout the service.

Pete Rollins pours wine into broken glasses.

As he pours the glasses break more and the wine spills.




At the end of the service we are given two things: a bag containing torn fragments of our accusations against God; and a Tamagotchi to symbolise how we treat God as a pet whose behaviour and desires we can control. As Pete Rollins says, "I never question God. I can only question my assumptions of God. I only question my understanding of God."

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