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Ikon | Heresy | Greenbelt 2004

Before we enter the service we are given some paper and asked to write a truth we hold dear about God.

In contrast to normal alt worship practice, Ikon services consist largely of words - but words of such brilliance and passion that nobody minds!

The service is called 'Heresy' because nearly all of our beliefs about God began as 'heresies'. God is Other and will act in ways contrary to our understanding. Sometimes we need to lose even the things we hold dear about God so that a deeper knowledge can grow. "God rid me of God." we nail our dearly held truths to the cross, as a sign of our willingness to have God take them away. "God rid me of God".

When St. Peter was crucified he exclaimed that he was unworthy to die in the same manner as his Lord, so they crucified him upside-down. The upside-down cross is the cross of St. Peter, the sign of our unworthiness and refusal to consider ourselves to be like Christ. So Ikon place the cross with our truths nailed to it upside-down...

...and invite us to kneel before it to acknowledge, like Peter, that we are not God.


When we have knelt we are given a St. Peter's cross on sackcloth to wear as we leave.

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