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Sanctuary | Passion Postcards | Greenbelt 2005

An exhibition of postcard-sized work based on the Stations of the Cross. Artists of all faiths and none have been invited to sumbit one or more artworks for exhibition, reflecting on and responding to the stations.

1. In the Garden of Gethsemane

2. Betrayed by Judas

3. Condemned to death

4. Denied by Peter

5. Judged by Pilate

6. Flogged and crowned with thorns

7. Jesus carries his cross

8. Jesus is helped by Simon

9. Meeting the women of Jerusalem

10. Crucifixion

11. The good thief is promised the Kingdom

12. Jesus on the cross

13. Jesus' mother and disciples at the cross

14. Jesus is placed in the tomb

15. The resurrection



People were invited to make their own postcards as a response.



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