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Vaux | Life divided to life united | 06-2002

2000 tealight candles were separated to make opposing pairs of words, using the wax blocks on the left side of the church and the tin holders on the right.



We were given paper bags and asked to gather pieces of candle from the words, equal amounts from both sides to reassemble into candles.


First we made individual circles, praying about internal divisions in ourselves.

Then we enlarged our circles to combine with two or three others, praying about divisions between friends, family, coworkers.

Then we made a ring around the whole congregation including all the remaining 'word' candles.

We turned out the lights and lit the candles from the Communion candle.


The congregation join hands inside the ring of candles, facing outwards, and pray for all humanity and the planet.

We go up four at a time to take Communion from the table.

The table is motor-driven to revolve slowly. It serves Communion to four people at a time and moves on. In the background are video loops of bread and wine being made.

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