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Vaux | End 2 | 07-2005

Vaux's final event was a celebration meal. Lamb, bitter herbs, red wine... a Passover before we depart.










Lord, now let your servant depart without peace
your word has not yet been fulfilled.

Our own eyes have not seen the salvation
which you have prepared for all people;
a darkness hides you from the nations
to the shame of your people, the Church.

But glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,
even though it seems that as it was in the beginning,
is going to be now, and shall be for ever, world without end.

"Behold, I am doing a new thing. Do you not perceive it?"

'Only if I am still. Only if I have stopped what I was doing to listen and hold my breath and enter some spiritual apnoea and wait. The perception of the new step will only come to those brave enough to stop dancing the old. We fear that if we stopped for a week, a month, a service, a moment, we might be forgotten, or lose our momentum, weaken our profile, appear ill-thought-out and failing. But we must be brave enough to stop if we are to see change. Our structures must serve us, not us serve them.'

[From 'The Complex Christ' by Kester Brewin]

The words on the central ribbon are the poem 'Thanks' by W.S. Merwin, which became a recurring part of Vaux's liturgies.


Taking down after the service for the last time.

Ladies and gentlemen, Vaux has left the building.

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