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Grace | Christmas labyrinth | 12-1999

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A labyrinth for parents and children. The five stations on the labyrinth were: Contemporary Christmas [with sofa and TV] / Angels [make one] / Nativity [add angel to the scene, look at images of Jesus on a washing line] / Gifts [make 'gift' for Jesus] / Tree [leave 'gifts' around tree, plant bulbs to take away]

'Nativity' in the foreground with crib and images of Christ hung on a washing line. Behind is the gift-making station.

Making angels. 'Contemporary Christmas' with sofa and TV is beyond.

The nativity scene where we leave the angels.

Charging up luminous stars at the nativity station.

Making symbolic gifts [little coloured boxes out of single strips of paper - quite fiddly]

'Contemporary Christmas' where we sit and watch TV - a loop of James Bond, the Queen's speech and other 'traditional' Christmas Day programmes.

The tree. Leave your gift and plant a bulb in a pot to take home.

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