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Grace | Pentecost | 06-2000

Grace archive page for this service

Service originated by Mark Pierson/Mike Riddell at Parallel Universe, Cityside Baptist Church, Auckland NZ. Revised by Café Church, Sydney as described in chapter 4 of 'The Prodigal Project' [Mike Riddell/Mark Pierson/Cathy Kirkpatrick SPCK]. Revised again by Grace.

All the photos are taken before or after the service, hence the lack of people.

We burnt ads from magazines in the barbecue, but the pieces of paper were too big and flew up in the air in flames.

No doubt we played 'Firestarter' by the Prodigy.

Our new Panasonic WJ-MX50A vision mixer, on 'permanent loan' from the BBC, made whole new realms of video effects possible. It was fed by two VCR machines in the flight case below.


We used a collection of discarded TVs in our services. They didn't need to have good picture quality or colour fidelity. Cabling them together and getting the video onto them all could be hard work.


Harry Baker and a goose. One of them would be famous later.

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