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Feig + Dream + Grace + Safe Space: The Long Monday Greenbelt 2009

An all-day service 10am-6pm 31st August 2009 at Greenbelt Festival, the combined work of four alt worship communities: Feig [Gloucester], Grace [London], Dream [Liverpool], and Safe Space [Telford]. The stations in the room ran continuously, plus short liturgies at 10.30am [Tierce], 12.30pm [Sext], 3pm [None], and 5.30pm [Compline].


the long monday from steve collins on Vimeo.

The scriptorium. First, practice your uncial letters with pen and ink...

When you are confident, copy the next paragraph of the Bible passage [John 1] to the sheet. When a sheet is full, hang it up.


The 'fridge magnet' wall - create prayers from the words on postcards. There are blank cards if you need a word that has not been provided.


Audio Tool/Tonematrix music software used as a station. This provided most of the ambient music for the whole event, changing tune as people play with the pixels.

the long monday - audio tool software from steve collins on Vimeo.

Making paintings, collages and Lego sculptures as prayer or to add to the central station.

The central station is a spiral not a labyrinth.

This clock diplays a picture of the room captured every ten seconds.

small candle graphic